OpenSearch in Magento 2 and how differen from Elasticsearch

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In the ever-evolving landscape of e-commerce, search functionality is a cornerstone of customer experience. Magento 2, a prominent player in the field, introduces OpenSearch to enhance search capabilities. This article delves into the mechanics of OpenSearch, its configuration, distinctiveness from Elasticsearch, and the impact it brings to the realm of online retail.

OpenSearch is an open-source search technology designed to provide robust and scalable search solutions. In Magento 2, OpenSearch offers an alternative to Elastic search, aiming to streamline search processes and deliver better user experiences.

How OpenSearch Works

OpenSearch employs a decentralized approach to searching, where nodes collaboratively execute queries and distribute results. This architecture enhances search scalability, making it suitable for large-scale e-commerce platforms.

Configuring OpenSearch in Magento 2


Navigate to the Magento Admin Panel and access the OpenSearch configuration settings. Here, you can specify the OpenSearch endpoint, authentication credentials, and other parameters to tailor the search experience.


OpenSearch in Magento 2 utilizes indexing similar to Elastic search. The platform indexes product attributes, categories, and content to facilitate faster and more accurate search results.

Configuration Settings

Magento 2 offers configuration settings for OpenSearch that include endpoint URL, authentication, and attributes to index. Fine-tuning these settings allows merchants to align search behavior with their store’s unique needs.

OpenSearch vs Elasticsearch

While both of them enhance search functionality, they differ in a few ways:


OpenSearch uses a decentralized architecture, while Elastic search operates in a more centralized manner.


OpenSearch provides more configuration flexibility, enabling customization of search parameters to suit various use cases.

Integration Ease

Magento 2’s integration with OpenSearch is more streamlined, simplifying the setup process for users.

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OpenSearch emerges as a potent contender in Magento 2’s quest for superior search solutions. Its decentralized architecture, configurability, and integration ease make it an enticing alternative to Elastic search. By offering improved scalability and more precise results, OpenSearch demonstrates its potential to enhance user satisfaction and overall store performance in the dynamic world of e-commerce.