Kotlin to Overtakes Java soon

It all started with Android development. When Google launched Android it used Java for app development.

The twist comes when Oracle acquires sun microsystems. The company which build JAVA.

The Oracle was going to take the complete right of JAVA and that's where the problem started.

There was a dispute between Oracle and Google over technology. Finally, Oracle raises the doors of the court.

Over time Google understood that it was time to move to a different language. In 2019 Google officially announced support for Kotlin.

There is no official statement that JAVA won't be used anymore for Android Development.

Both languages are used for developing applications for the Java Virtual Machine.

Compared to JAVA, Kotlin has a more concise syntax. That means less code is needed.

A major difference is null pointer exceptions which occur in JAVA but Kotlin's null safety reduces these exceptions.

Kotlin was built with support for functional programming where as the JAVA release of JAVA 8 has it.

What do you think? Will JAVA survive.